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I always advise people to take the love language test, and not so much as a means of learning how you need to be loved by a romantic partner but learning how you need to be loved by yourself.

For instance, if your love language is acts of service then doing nice things for yourself could be a form of self-care. Taking yourself out on dates, treating yourself to nice things when possible, and making accommodations for yourself. If your love language is physical touch, this could mean you lean more toward topical or aromatic self-care methods. You may want to buy body butters and lotions and the act of rubbing on your own body could be soothing; lighting candles, incense, or aroma therapy oils in your dwelling areas may also soothe you.

My love language is words of affirmation so of course, that is exactly what I do for myself. I write sticky notes tailored to my current emotional needs during that time and keep them up on my walls for as long as I see necessary. I recite my daily affirmations while I do my skincare routine, or when I’m in the shower.

Discovering your love language can be beneficial in romantic relationships but even more beneficial in your current relationship with yourself.

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