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August 08 2017





We maybe have a ghost in our house that has popped up since we’ve had work done on the walls, and random stuff keeps happening but something keeps opening my hamsters cage and leaving it open so I’ve just had to explain to thin air what a hamster is because as my sister pointed out, my house is old af and my ghost probably doesn't know what a hamster is, I’m also leaving it a note in the hopes it can read. 

just to illustrate, I don’t think my ghost means my hamster harm, it’s just confused 

Confused ghost just wants to pet the soft.

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please don’t try this at home

collab with @hi-hazuki






I hate when people say “I’m Spanish” like no that’s a language not a nationality

i hate when people say “i’m danish” like no that’s a pastry not a nationality

i hate when people say “i’m belgian” like no that’s a waffle not a nationality

i hate when people say “i’m finnish” but u just startin

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I feel like this is the moment a young mutant just found out that his power is manifesting sliced bread

i’m about to make tumblr user runcibility’s goddamn day

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“It’s not a dream. It’s a…memory. And it makes me sick!”


support trans owned businesses





hey guys! so this online store is run by a nonbinary person of color who’s started a store that doesn’t use any gender labels on their products.

if you use my discount code “flower” you get 20% off your order (it activates august first, and is useable through the entire month of august) and i get $4 for every person who uses my code.

they have really nice tops,




 a pride section with everything from shirts, to flags, to rings, to necklaces,


AND they have a trans section with all kinds of body shapers for both trans male and female individuals.


and there’s so much more on their website.

also, im a trans male and any money i make by people using my code will go towards starting T.

support a couple trans people and support a store that crushes gender roles! shop here, or even just a quick reblog, it’d help out a lot.💘💘


@socialjusticeichigo I think you mentioned wanting to see different body shapers. I haven’t checked out this store, but maybe they have what you’re talking about?

They have a lot of really cool body shapers (seriously, check it out everyone, it’s more than just packers and binders and isn’t just for trans men) but not specifically the thing I was looking for, which was something that goes around your waist beneath your shirt like a corset but instead of making it smaller bulks it out to reduce the appearance of curves. I wonder if I should contact them and suggest it?

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> Start a new journey

I remember playing the game 3-4 times a day learning something new every time and meeting friendly players along the way. So here is a piece of fan art of my found memories for one of my all time favorite games.

August 07 2017


Amazon's "fish antibiotics" are a way for uninsured people to buy medicine without paying for doctor's visits


Amazon has a ton of listings for “fish antibiotics” whose reviews reveal that the people who buy them are self-medicating because they can’t afford a doctor’s visit because they are uninsured or can’t afford their insurance’s co-payment.

Some purchasers appear to be preppers, stocking a pharma larder for the end-times; others are hypochondriacs or self-diagnosers who are frustrated that they can’t get antibiotic prescriptions out of their doctors.

This is a terrible idea.

Self-medicating with unregulated online antibiotics exposes you and the world to serious risks: there could be anything in those bottles; the dose is hard to get right; if you’re taking it improperly you can exacerbate the growing problem of antibiotic resistance; and even if you have a bacterial infection, the fish antibiotic you’re taking might not be the right one to treat it.

This isn’t limited to Amazon: a search of the web reveals many other forums where people are taking animal medicine because they can’t afford health care.

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It’s literally called “Curmudgeons”


“It took me two hours to put this shit on!”

“Thanks for the fuckin’ flowers, you asshole.”

Life goals.

I put off watching this so many times, but if you have fifteen minutes and need a good happy-cry, DO IT.

holy shit you were not wrong about the happy cry

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Aesthetic Meme
Wendy Corduroy 

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You’re no stranger to trouble, are you?

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Sure anon!!! <3 

⭐Commissions are open

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Potter Week no.7 “Yer a wizard, Harry”

🎂Happy birthday Harry!🎂 



new merit badges for the girl scouts of the postapocalyptic wasteland: trepanation, friend to wolves, monster hunting, fermentation, dueling, witchcraft, storytelling, cauterizing, underwater looting, communing with the old gods, machete wielding, goat intestine divination

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I was inspired by kingdom hearts music :’)

Nice job!

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I know you guys like Fighting games (Super Smish Brothers, Steet Fighter) so I made a picture for you to enjoy.

This is the classic feud between Town Mouse & Country Mouse who fight because they don’t understand Each Other’s lifestyles.

Please credit me if you repost this picture.

are they acknowledging each other’s presence or are they speaking in the first person

I’m not currently taking questions, sorry.
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Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series

To celebrate the beauty and diversity of America’s landscape, an eclectic group of artists has created a colorful collection of retro National Park posters. Compiled into the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series and produced by The National Poster Retrospecticus, these vintage-inspired posters celebrate the natural wonder of these majestic sites.

Escape Kit / Instagram / Twitter / Minuscule / Subscribe

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knife dad is the one for me


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Tuesday Tips - Drawing Through Put the guesswork away and draw through the forms to create lively characters and express solid volumes. -Norm #tuesdaytips #100tuesdaytips #grizandnorm #drawingthrough #drawingtutorial #drawingtips #arttutorial





so my brother was telling me about this human resources certification he attended a while ago. in a panel, the panelist asked a bunch of people in attendance, “who here knows if an applicant for a job is right for it in under 60 seconds?”

hands shot up around the room, people smug about their ability to “weed out the riff-raff” when it came to hiring for their fortune 500.

“you should all be fired and probably in jail,” they said, waiting for the whole room to get uncomfortable, then continued, “because the only things you can really learn about a human being in under 60 seconds are all things that are fueled by prejudices and biases covered by american law. so now, i will teach you how to stop being racist, sexist, judgmental assholes and hire people that will better your company of employ.”

I need this to be force taught at all companies

This is a good example of why study after study after study has shown that discrimination against racialized people looking for work is very real.  Oh, and don’t get too smug if you’re not in the USA - similar studies have shown that the same shit happens in Canada, Germany, the UK,
  - basically in every country you can think of. 

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